Tribal Lace

(top/skirt: Marshall's, shoes: Report)

Hey guys! As you probably know it gets pretty hot in San Diego, so it can be challenging to find outfits that look nice but won't look like I am sweating my butt off (which I totally am).  So pairing a crop top with a maxi is the best of both worlds - plenty of room to breathe, but not just a tank top and shorts when I feel like dressing it up a little! 


Purple Haze

(necklace: Nasty Gal, tshirt: Tilly's, shorts: ZARA, sandals: Heelberry)

Hey guys! Been meaning to get around to dyeing my hair some colors again because I really missed having it! I decided to do it myself this time to save money and it actually didn't turn out to bad! It is quite a process though, so be prepared if you are venturing in on it yourself, and if you happen to have really thick dark hair like I do.

On another note have any of you guys ever watched the show Six Feet Under? I just finished the finale today and cried like a baby. It was such an epic ending - I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but it is probably one of the best finales to a show I have ever seen. 

It is really amazing how you can watch a show/movie and become so attached to the characters and their realities. I guess that is why it is so easy to like books/tv/movies so much. It offers this alternate reality you can kind of escape to and spend as much time as you want. Moving to San Diego I still find myself adjusting A LOT and that can be really challenging, but the finale was done in such a way that it reminded me to live life and appreciate the things I have even if it is a struggle sometimes, because that is the beauty of life right?


Shadow Play

(necklace/skirt: ASOS, shoes: Zara, top: JCPenney)

You really can't go wrong with black and white ever! It will always be a classic combination and there is a reason for it. We found this awesome spot on the second floor of this building with a beautiful courtyard. It was the perfect setting for this outfit with the shadows playing with the black and white, and I also enjoyed leaning on the railing pretending it was my own house haha!


A Midi Summer Night's Dream

(necklace: UO, top: F21, skirt: ZARA, shoes: Chinese Laundry)

See what I did with that title there?? Eh?? Ok, but seriously, I love love midi skirts they are the perfect length - not so short you have to worry about flashing everybody if a gust of wind goes by, and I feel like they just add a nice touch of class and sophistication (since I am not at all sophisticated in real life mwaha). 

One thing that is so great about San Diego so far is the weather, it reminds me a lot of summer weather in Seattle except I suspect it will be similar all year long without the rainy gray months. It is really nice to be able to go outside any time of day any day of the week and not have to worry about rainy or chilliness! And it certainly makes scoping out picture taking spots a lot easier! Hopefully I will continue to find some rad spots to share with you all!


It's Been Awhile...

(top: Marshalls, shorts: UO, boots: LuLu's, necklace: gift)

Hey guys, can't believe how long it has been since I have made a post on this blog, and thus I want to make a fresh start!  I just moved to San Diego from Seattle and so far it is awesome!  There are a lot of things that differ from Seattle so I am still adjusting a lot, but there is tons of new stuff to see and the weather has been amazing so far.  I think it is great to throw yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes and just see what is out there.  There are so many places and things to see, and I just hope I can continue to explore lots of new places wherever I go!