Stripes and Cubes

(necklace: Piperlime, top: Monteau, sweater: J. Crew, pants: BDG, shoes: Sam Edelman)

So I thought I would post today since tomorrow is my birthday and I probably won't get a chance to.  This is what I wore to art walk which is this festivaly type thing downtown.  The funny thing was I really didn't see that much art haha I think it was because we had to work so we didn't get downtown until like 6ish.  It was still a lot of fun though!  There is a parade that goes on where everyone dresses as animals and although we didn't get to actually see it we saw a lot of people walking around that were still dressed up so that was really neat.  We had a nice dinner and went out for some drinks and it was really the first time that so many people were out and about so it was definitely a preview of summer (which can't come soon enough)!

Also, you may have noticed my hair looks different.  My hairdresser used a different brand of dye and it actually ended up turning this dark purple color so I have to go back and get it re-done :(  She was really sweet about it and kept apologizing and telling me she thought it was still really pretty so that was pretty cute.   I think it is nice looking, but I liked how the red stood out a little bit more.  What do you think?


Into The Wild

(tops: Old Navy, pants: BDG, shoes: Kohl's)

So It's Friday!!  I actually have to work still, but it is the weekend for most of you so I'm sure you are all excited!  So my birthday is on Monday and I will be 25, a quarter of a century, which seems pretty crazy!  The funny thing is my bf's two sisters have birthday very close to mine, we are within like a two week span so there will be lots of birthday festivities going around! 

We just planted the starter plants and some seeds yesterday!  So in a couple months we should be seeing some results, I will definitely post some pictures as they come along!  This weekend there is also this local art walk downtown which I'm super excited about, hopefully the weather decides to be on our side!  Have an awesome weekend guys!!


Dots: Pt. 2

(necklace: UO, dress: Sweet Life, shoes: JCPenney)

So as most girls are, I'm just a sucker for cute dresses.  I don't know what guys do in the summer because dresses are light and easy and cute too!  Although I guess they can walk around without their shirts on so I guess that's a plus for them.

So as you can see in the background those are all the boxes we set up for our garden!  I'm so excited assuming the rain holds off we are going to start planting today!!  Although my back actually hurts from helping shovel all the dirt in the boxes, but it all be worth it when I'm picking fresh veg from the backyard!

(P.S. For some reason my arm naturally goes into this exorcist like position when I'm sitting down and putting weight on it (last picture)...I have had several people tell me I'm probably double jointed and that it is kind of freaky looking haha and in that picture I was actually consciously trying NOT to do it)


Button Up

(top: Nasty Gal, pants: Gap, shoes: Shoe Dept.)

So sadly it's back to colder wet weather.  Once you get a taste of it being summer like you don't want to let it go!  Although where I came from back east they just got some snow so I guess I should consider myself pretty lucky :)  So I love this shirt because it is super classic, but has the lace detail to kind of bump it up a notch.  There is nothing better than some not so basic basics!

P.S. Please check out my newest sponsor Modcloth.  I'm sure most of you have heard of them, but if you are looking for some unique and also absolutely adorable dresses, shoes, the whole nine yards then this is definitely the site for you!!



(earrings: gift, dress: thrifted, diy, shoes: JcPenney)

So first thing is first, please be sure to check out my newest sponsor Nasty Gal!  I have been in love with this site foreverrrr, they have nailed that perfect balance of laid back and sexy in everything they sell so you should definitely check it out!!

So this dress I found at a thrift store.  I saw a hint of it on the rack and immediately grabbed it excitedly until *dun dun dun* I actually pulled it all the way out.  It was like 10 sizes to big and frumpy as all get out, but when I turned it around and saw the back I knew it had to be salvaged!  I showed my bf and he was quite aghast at the site of it hahahha I told him I would make it work and he seemed very very doubtful.  After a lot of adjusting here is the end product!  I am really happy about it, it is such a nice lightweight fabric for summer and the back is just the cherry on top!



(earrings: UO, dress: ASOS, belt: Target, shoes: Minnetonka)

So this weekend was the first absolutely gorgeous weekend and it has me so excited for summer!  It's funny when I started visiting here I thought how strange it was that people would get in bathing suits and such when its was only like 75 degrees out, but it is amazing how quickly your body adjusts to stuff like that, I guess it's all relative!

So this weekend was Earth day and we started helping my bf's parents build a garden in their backyard!  I'm so excited!!  We haven't gotten a chance to actually plant yet but we have peppers, kale, squash and all sorts of goodies awaiting us over the next couple months after we plant them!  I'm so excited to have fresh produce right at our disposal, maybe a future recipe post will be in order!  How was your weekend?


First Sponsor!

(neckalce: UO, blazer, Rock&Republic, top: AE, shorts: H&M, tights: Target, shoes: ALDO)

So this morning as I was sitting down to eat my oatmeal and going through my daily emails, I saw an email from the lovely folks over at Shabby Apple asking if I'd be interested in being affiliated with their site.  I'm sure most of you know the website, but if you haven't seen it yet you should DEFINITELY check them out!  They are modern but with a vintage vibe and everything thing on their site is absolutely adorable!  So of course I freaked out and ran and woke my bf up jumping up and down like a crazy person...I'm pretty sure he thought that house was on fire or something!  So that was an insanely great start to my day and I plan on ending it with a movie (has anyone seen The Cabin in the Woods yet?) and relaxation!  Thanks goodness for Fridays!!


Learn To Fly

(earrings, sweater: UO, skirt, tights: Target, shoes: Koh's)

Ok Ok Ok I know this is like the millionth top that I've had with shoulder cutouts but admittedly I'm OBSESSED.  Plus the sleeves were way awesome, I felt like if I ran and just flapped my arms I'd be able to fly away... 


Pin Up

(earrings: gift, sweater: Target, skirt: thrifted, shoes: Nine West)

So this outfit really made me think of pin up girls and the 50's, must be something to do with the polka dots and the color scheme.  So I thought to myself I'm going to try and do something new and do a couple pin up-esque photos (you know with the booty out and the surprised face with the hand over the mouth kind of thing) so I tried it and they looked absolutely ridiculous.  Most of them looked like I was like insane looking or going to the bathroom or I don't even know hahaha.  I was way too embarrassed to post those pictures, but to give you an idea of how silly they looked I posted the last two pictures which were post my attempts at being sexy...oh well better luck next time ;)

P.S. Thank you all for the kind words/thoughts about Kramer, we all appreciate it!


Free Bird

(necklace: Sweet Life, top: We The Free, leggings: Target, boots: DSW)

So what is more awesome/hardcore than a shirt with a flying eagle on it?!  Probably nothing right??  I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy my DIY post, it is always nerve wrecking experimenting with something new like that, but hopefully there will be many more to come!  In other news my bf's parent's dog Kramer broke his leg and had to get surgery :(  The surgery went really well and he will have to be off of it for a little bit, but we feel lucky that was the only thing that happened to him and he will make a full recovery just fine.  I ask that you keep him in your thoughts and hopefully when he is fully recovered I will be able to get him to sit still enough to be featured in my blog one of these days :)