So I reached over one hundred followers!!  I couldn't be more excited!!  I wanted to start this blog as a creative outlet for myself.  I realized I spent so much time working and doing school stuff that I really wasn't taking time out for myself to do something I really enjoyed.  I have been looking at fashion blogs for years and was always so intimidated to start my own, but has turned out to be an amazing experience!  I can't thank you enough for commenting, following, even just taking a peak at my blog - it means so much to me.  I have grown already from this experience, and the fact that I might be inspiring other people in some way makes me so happy.  The blogging community is a wonderful, welcoming place with unending inspiration and I feel honored to be a part of it!

P.S.  If you look at the rocks I am on you can see this pink spray paint.  We noticed some on a rock when we first came to the park, but couldn't really read it.  Then as we ventured further and continued reading them it was basically a spray paint trail to invite someone to prom!  Aside from defacing nature which I don't necessarily approve of....I thought it was such a sweet gesture!

(necklace: diy, tank: F21, sweater: H&M, pants: BDG, shoes: Kohl's)


Good Times

(necklace: Sweet Life, sweater: UO, shorts: thrifted/diy, tights: Target, shoes: Steve Madden)

So how was everyone's Memorial Day?!  Even though I had to work during the day I still had a really nice time!  We had a little barbecue with some of the fam and of course we ate way too much and had lots of laughs.  It's always nice just spending time with your family and enjoying each others company :)  Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing day! 



Bear!  Just kidding this is fake, but I just felt like being a weirdo.
So whenever we walk on the beach my bf and I always skip rocks (and when I say "we" it is mainly him and me attempting to but sucking at it...although I am getting better!).  So the water was pretty far back and I bet my bf he couldn't throw one into the water and have it skip from so far away so he threw a couple and then BAM the one landed in the water and skipped like 4 times, it was CRAZY.
I love the way the clouds were reflecting in the water, it was so pretty!
(necklace: Sweet Life, sweater: Kensie, tshirt: Gap, leggings: Target, shoes: Nine West)

So this is what I wore on my day off, and it was totally coincidental that it happened to be red, white, and blue just in time for Memorial Day weekend!  We ate lots of good food, went for an awesome walk in the park, and played some mini golf so it was a really fun, relaxing day off!

So on the subject of Memorial Day - I just want to say that it is so easy to get caught up in all the goings on - picnics, bbqs and the like, but I want to take a minute to just encourage you to remember the origins of Memorial Day.  We would not be able to enjoy all the day to day things we take for granted without the amazing sacrifices that our soldiers have made for us.  We remember those that have given their life and we thank you all for being a part of something so much bigger than yourself so that we can enjoy the freedom we have today.



Fly Away to a Sunny Day

(umbrella/tights/belt: Target, necklace: Juicy Couture, sweater: J. Crew, dress: H&M, boots: DSW)

Another sort of umbrella day.  It was funny because as soon as I stepped outside to take pictures it started down pouring hardcore hahah  I really want one of those huge/long clear umbrellas that shields you a little better from the sideways rain - must remember that!  Well today is my day off so I get to do whatever I want YIPEE!  Hope you all have an awesome day :)


Singing in the Rain

(umbrella/tights: Target, jacket: Nastygal, top: Zara, shorts/boots: F21)

So I realized that this was really on the second photo shoot in my time blogging so far that the rain made it quite difficult to shoot...which is pretty darn good considering it rains fairly often here!  My bf helped me take them and he was such a good sport!  We both had umbrellas at one point and he was holding his with his neck while trying to take a picture it was really funny!  I also realized that I had never taken a picture of me jumping into puddles, which seems sort of wrong considering that is my blog name so there ya go gave you two for lost time oh and a little bit of me sort of dancing a la "Singing in the Rain."

P.S. I mentioned a band Sigur Ros in my last post, one of my favorite songs by the Hoppipolla contains a line that translates into "jumping into puddles," and that is the background behind my blog name!  I also have been considering incorporating some of those lyrics into my next tattoo....


The Every Day

(necklace: Piperlime, top: F21, jeans: Levis, shoes: DSW)
The first salad of the season with our own homegrown lettuce!!

So I think being a fashion blogger sometimes you can't help but feel pressure to dress super nice all the time, but let's face it sometimes there are just t-shirt and jeans kind of days and this was absolutely one of them!  I knew I would be running around a lot - to the farmer's market, a local fair, an improv show, and a bar downtown so I wanted to be sure I would be dressed appropriately for all occasions and most importantly, that I was comfortable!  I'll be the first to admit I've graced the general public in much less fashionable attire...like pajamas...maybe...but who is keeping track anyhow?

P.S. Are there any Sigur Ros fans out there that participated in valtari hour?? That was such a neat idea and it was awesome to get a sneak peak of the album!  If you haven't listened to them before you should definitely check them out...I can't even describe how amazing their music is you just have to listen and you will know!



earrings: UO, bracelets: DIY, top: Target, skirt: Marshalls, shoes: Rainbow

this little guy is too cute!
this was like the only time he got up otherwise he was really lazy
we went on a tram ride and were stalled at first because this caribou walked right in front of it haha
baby geese! enough said.
enjoying the spoils of the day
how beautiful is this!?

So I think it's fair to say I'm obsessed with animal adventures at this point.  We went up to a wildlife park nearby and it was the perrrrfect day for it!  We took a tram ride all throughout and it was so relaxing and peaceful and beautiful!  It is nice to just be out in nature, it is one thing I love so much about the west coast.

P.S. Being as we did so much walking I opted for flip flops, but not just any flip flops...RAINBOWS.  I'm telling you if you have never bought a pair of Rainbows you need to.  I have had these flip flops for like 5 years not even kidding...I have worn them in rain, mud, rivers, etc the whole nine yards and they are still intact!!