(necklace: Nasty Gal, top: UO, shorts: F21, booties: Dolce Vita)

This top always makes me think of being a hippie witch haha I don't know exactly what that is but the crochet gives it that hippie vibe while the long bell sleeves make it feel witchy to me and I love it!  It is funny how being away makes you appreciate things more...I guess that is human nature, but when we got back from the 90 something degree weather on the East Coast I was so happy it was a glorious 75 and sunny where I am!  Tonight we have tickets to see Moonrise Kingdom!!  I am so excited!  I absolutely love Wes Anderson I think if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Darjeeling Ltd. but that is a hard decision!  Are you a Wes Anderson fan, and if so what is your favorite?  Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

P.S. I got a look book!  I would love it if you hyped any looks I post that you like, thanks so much!!!



Me and my friends Micah and Nicole
This really cool mural outside of Bob and Barbara's - this local bar in Philly

On our way to the beach!
At the beach with my friends Jacquie and Kat
You can't go to the beach without funnel cake!
Note the creeper in the background!  Just kidding it's my friend Kat's husband :)
My aunt and uncle's newest kitty!
Cuddle time!  It was so cute he was like posing for the pictures!
Me and my friends Cathy, Lauren, and Beth Ann being weird haha
Goodbye/hangover cure breakfast 

So I definitely didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but my main focus was just to relax, enjoy, and have fun!  So here is a little break down of what we did:

Day 1:  Arrived in Philly at like 6 in the morning without sleeping on the plane at all haha so much for the red eye being a good idea :p  After taking a much needed nap at Kat and Ken's our friend's we were staying with house, we went and met up with my friends Micah and Nicole.  We saw Nicole's new apartment (which is super cute! her bedroom had an exposed brick wall which I absolutely LOVE) walked around the city and grabbed a bite to eat at this awesome restaurant near her place (of course I forget the name...) I had the fried chicken and it was ridiculous beyond belief!  Then we went to Nicole's favorite local bar Bob and Barbara's.  After that we headed back to Kat and Kenn's where she cooked us ridiculously good barbecue and we just hung out with some friends.

 Day 2/3: We woke up at a surprisingly reasonable hour considering the night before, and headed to the back with Kat and Kenn and my friend Jacquie and her fiance.  We proceeded to lounge and eat a lot - no surprise there!  Kat and Kenn had to head back that night, but we stayed two nights and beached it up!  We even had a room with a hot tub  - which when I booked it said fireplace and whirlpool which  I was pretty skeptical about but it turned out being really nice!  Funny story: we went to play some mini gold on the boardwalk and the lady that ran it was like insane.  We were going to jump to a different hole because there was people at the first one and we didn't really care if we went in order or anything and the lady came over and was like freaking out at us in a really passive aggressive manner.  She was telling us how she only lets smaller groups skip ahead if they are smaller then the first and asked my bf if he was a "golf ranger" What is a golf ranger???  It was pretty hilarious!

 Day 4: After the beach we headed to D.C. to visit my brother.  When we got there it was so hot out!!!  I forgot how hot it gets on the east coast already!  He took us out to this restaurant called Founding Farmers.  They had amazingly good cocktails and food!  Then we headed back to his place and pretty much crashed.

Day 5: We headed from D.C. to the Lehigh Valley to visit my aunt and uncle.  Had dinner with them and had some great family/animal time :D

Day 6: Headed from the Lehigh Valley to New Jersey to see my bf's grandma, she took us to this chinese buffet that had awesome sushi and hibachi all in one!  Then we headed back to Kat and Kenn's to crash again.  

Day 7: Pretty much relaxed during the day then went to meet up with my friends Cathy, Lauren, and Beth Ann (and their bfs) for dinner at Elephant and Castle - this pub type place.  After dinner we headed back to Kat and Kenn's to have a little goodbye hurrah since we were leaving the next day.  I did take pictures, but they are probably better left unseen if you know what I mean hahaha

So this was quite the wordy post, but I had such an amazing time.  I missed my family and friends so much and it was so good to see them again and be around those I feel most comfortable around.  While I miss them all so much and was even tempted to move back hahah it also reminds me that moving out to the west coast is a new experience, and that I am out here for a reason to accomplish some things while I am here.  After that who know where the wind will take me :)


Sheinside/I'm back!

(skirt c/o: Sheinside, vest: Windsor, top: F21, necklace: Nasty Gal, shoes: Steve Madden)

So the lovely folks over at Sheinside sent me this lovely skirt and I am so in love with it it is ridiculous!  Not only is it sexy and dramatic, but it is also super versatile!  I decided to go with a little more casual look this time, but I cannot wait to pair it with a nice top as an alternative to a dress when going out!

Also, thanks to everyone who commented/read while I was on vacation!  I will be working at getting back you all over the next couple of days.  Vacation was a blast, but I am absolutely exhausted!  I will post pictures up soon, but I should have taken more than I did....whoops :)



(necklace: Sweet Life, sweater: F21, jeans: diy, shoes: Marshall's)

So I made several draft posts to post while I was away, but apparently that didn't work out so well hahah.  Here is one of them though, and tomorrow we are heading back home so I will be back to blogging full swing! 

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Oasap giveaway


Oasap Giveaway


So I am still on vacation but I am making a quick post to let you know that Oasap is having an awesome GIVEAWAY!!!

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